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There is a section of our world where an approximately 4.89 billion individuals of the world 7.4 billion people reside. They are considered the poorest of the poor. Where the average person exist on less than $500 U.S. dollars per year.  

These poorest of the poor, the lowest of the lows in the quality of life, are the lost of the lost. Meaning, The majority of these people have been not been reached with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This section of the world is often referred to as the 10/40 window. The 10/40 window is a term that refers to the regions of the eastern hemisphere plus some portions of Europe and Africa in the Western Hemisphere located between the 10 and 40th° north of the equator.  The 10/40 window highlights three major elements,  the greatest population,  the lowest quality of life,  with the lest access of Christian message of salvation by grace and faith.

These people live in the world dominated by the religions of Atheism, Animism —Animism is the belief that all things have a spirit or soul, including animals, plants, rivers, mountains, stars, the moon, and the sun. Each being is considered a spirit that can offer help or harm to humans. As such, spirits must either be worshiped or appeased. Animists offer sacrifices, prayers, dances, or other forms of devotions to these spirits in hopes of blessing upon areas of life (crops, health, fertility, etc.) or for protection from harm.), Islam, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism,  this area has the largest block of nonreligious people in the world. Where many of the governments are opposed formally or informally of Christian work, of any kind, within their borders.

This section of the world is considered the unevangelized countries and under-evangelized countries.  

These unevangelized  people who have minimal knowledge of the gospel with no valid opportunity to respond to it.  This section of the world contains 1/3  of the earth's total land area with nearly 2/3 of the world population residing in it.

In this 10/40 window, From our base in the Philippines island of Negros Occidental in the city of Talisay, we can easily reach; Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Burma, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Oman, Laos,  North Korea, South Korea, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt and many other nations.

The billions of people who live in this 10/40 window have suffered not only the ravages of poverty and disease, But have also been kept from the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  95 percent of these people are unsaved and going to s Devils hell.  Only 0.0005% or 5 ten-thousand of one cent of all the world missions money goes towards bringing the Gospel to this section of the world.  

Through Preaching Christ To The World, and our base in the Philippines, we will work with missionaries and national pastors to teach soul winning, to preach the gospel to the lost, going person to person soul winning, training soul winners, and training national Evangelist how to hold old fashion revival meetings around the world. Reaching the world for Christ one soul at a time.

Having live 60 years, serving the Lord for nearly 40 years, as Pastor, Evangelist, church planter, working in the United States, Mexico, Africa, the Philippines reaching the lost, God has called me to dedicate the balance of my life teaching, training, preaching and winning the Lost one by one in this 10/40 section of the world, till he takes me home to be with him.

Will you help?  Will you pray for us as we go?  Will you give so we can continue to reach this needy area of the world?
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