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Sunday School has historically been a great opportunity to reach men, women, boys and girls with the message of Salvation.  Many young people have learned the love of God for them though their Sunday School teacher.   Sunday School is not just for Children but, everyone.  It gives us more time to learn, understand, and digest the teachings of the Word of God.  It helps form a smaller group where we get to know, pray for and love each other of the Church.  It is a place were we can feel welcome and new people we bring can feel comfortable in a smaller, more personal setting in the Church.

Church services are great ways to reach masses of people all at one time. Sunday School classes are a way to reach the individual in a much smaller, personal and individual manner.  Sunday School is not a replacement for Church, it is an added quality to help, and care for every aspect of the individual church member no matter what the age.

On these pages you will find Lessons for Adults and Children, Songs, Bus Route Helps, Teacher Aids and much more to help you build a Sunday School class where each and every person can know the Gospel, know the teachings of the Bible, know the fellowship of being with other Christians, learn to pray for an others and to have your needs prayed for, and much more.

I hope these pages will help you build a strong Sunday School Department, a strong class and many will be added to the Church through the work of the Sunday School.