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Hello and Welcome to Preaching Christ to the World.  I am Dr. Douglas Marco and the Host of this web site.  I have been serving the Lord in his Work since 1977 and am thrilled to have you visit our site. I am an Independent Baptist Preacher however, the information on this site is not just for Baptist but any one who wants to learn more about the Bible.

The Purpose of this web page is to give people around the word a place to learn about the Word of God.
I hope you find this web site helpful.  It is still in the development stages but it will include:

•    Preaching
•    Bible Studies
•    Bible reading Schedules
•    Sunday School Lessons
•    Tips on Reading the Bible
•    Soul Winning Aids
•    Soul Winning Classes
•    Mission Trips and Missionary Information
•    Bible Memory
•    Recommended Web Sites for More Information

I hope you find this as a tool and a help you your life and ministry.

God bless and thank you for visiting.

Dr. Douglas Marco, Th.D., D.D., D.D.
You may contact Dr. Marco at:
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