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The Victorious Christian Life
You, as child of God are a target for the devil.

One of his many tricks is to use various temptations to make you stumble,
destroy your testimony, and prevent you from going forward for God.

Whether we realize it or not, Satan is engaging us in spiritual warfare, and he knows what our weaknesses are.
What defense do you have against this kind of war?
That is what we are going to look at in this Bible Study. 
We are on the battle field, it is true however, God wants us to live a wonderful Victorious Christian Life.  
We will learn...
Satan is our Adversary, not people.

We are fighting, the World, the Flesh and the Devil.

The Devil has one Goal. To be God and to reign over that which is God’s.

Once you are saved he can never have ownership of you so he tries to destroy our Christianity, its influence, and affects on this
World and the people around us.

We are in a Spiritual Warfare! However, we can live The Victorious Christian Life while we are in the battle.
May I caution you, this Bible Study is from the Word of God not from my experience.  I know this truth of the Victorious Christian
Life works because I have experienced the victory when I followed and applied the truth. I know this truth works because when I
have failed to apply it to my life I have failed to have a Victorious Christian Life.
This Bible Study was recorded as it was taught at the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio in mp3 format. 
I hope it is a blessing and a help to you.
A laborer in His field,
Dr. Douglas Marco


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