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Updates on our Mission Trips

We have said goodbye to this Philippine trip. Our visit of 6 1/2 weeks stretched into 16 weeks due to all the shutdowns, leaving us stranded on the island of Negros Occidental.  God blessed in many ways. We were out of the country 103 days. Of that time, we were under city lockdown or extended quarantine 95 of those days, but God allowed us to be busy. Because of the Covid19 lockdowns and Quarantines many people could not work. The majority of the people work each day to make the money they need to eat that night. Food was a very important issue for families during this time.


Praise the Lord he allowed us and supplied us with enough money to buy food for 2,485 families so they could eat for a week. We were also able to see 925 people in the Philippines saved and 1 in Seoul South Korea saved. God allowed us to use children services, Preaching many  Services Sundays and Wednesday

food deliveries, ladies’ soul winning, church services and many other avenues to lead people to Christ.


We were able to demolish parts of the old Auditorium and build some of the much larger new auditorium. So much we were able to do for Christ, it was such an honor to be apart of the great work of Faith Baptist Church of Talisay City, Negros Occidental Philippines.


We are extremely blessed to have a church home that helped us, prayed for us, kept us up to dated with our financial responsibilities. They were a blessing in helping us to get home as well as helping us to feed people. Finally, I want to thank all the people around America and the world who donated money to feed these needy families during the ongoing world crisis. Thank you to every church who support us monthly that made all this possible.  Thank you to all and thanks for your prayers!


We have just returned as of January 1, 2018 from a trip to the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos from the End of November to the third week of December 2017.  On this trip 2694 people receive Christ as their Saviour.  

I want to thank all those who were my Translators and fellow works on this trip.

The Churches in Vietnam are all underground churches, as a result as much information is being edited to protect the church and people from any governmental issues.

Below are photos for your enjoyment.
  Behind Doors Like these are The Lord's Churches in Vietnam                                    Those who translated for me.
A constant reminder of where you are, and what is expected of the people.
This is accepted by the Government as the religion the people need.
The People of Vietnam and some new souls in Heaven


The People, where they live, and their salvation