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The "ABC's of Christian Growth" program is a Scriptural means of helping new Christians get on their feet and begin walking with the Lord in the light of His Word.  There are 28 lessons in  the program, beginning with "What Does Salvation Mean for Me?" and "What Does God Expect of Me?"


These lessons are used to help people become grounded in the basic truths and to launch them in a life of seeking truth in the Word of God.

These lessons are not to replace the Bible as our authority, but as a guide to lead us to search the Bible in all truth. If you disagree with something in the lesson remember the Word of God is always accurate.  If it is a matter of opinion, to what he Writer has written, everyone has an opinionIf you disagree with what the Bible says then you need to ask God to lead you to understanding and simply accept the Bible not your thoughts.  Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD."
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I hope these are a blessing to you,  Pastor Douglas Marco 


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Preliminary Study #1 "What Does Salvation Mean for Me?"

Preliminary Study #2 "What Does God Expect of Me?"

#1 - A - Assurance of Salvation 

#2 - B - The Bible 

#3 - C - The Church

#4 - D - Daily Walk

#5 - E - The Enemy (Satan)

#6 - F - Family (The Christian Home)

#7 - G - God

#8 - H - The Holy Spirit

#9 - I - Immersion (Baptism)

#10 - J - Jesus Christ

#11 - K - Kinship (Our Baptist Heritage)

#12 - L - The Lord’s Supper

#13 - M - Missions

#14 - N - The New Birth

#15 - O - Obedience

#16 - P - Prayer

#17 - Q - Questions Often Asked

#18 - R - The Return of Jesus Christ

#19 - S - Separation

#20 - T - Tithing and Stewardship

#21 - U - Unity

#22 - V - Victory

#23 - W - Witnessing

#24 - X - X-Rated for Christians

#25 - Y - Your Church Home

#26 - Z - Zion (Heaven)