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I was asked to speak at the Faith Baptist College of Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines on the subject of Prayer.  On this page are the videos I made for the class.  There are unedited and just as I was speaking.  If you would like to watch these videos they are here for you.  If you like them and they help you I would love to hear from you.  If you don't like them and you are going to be critical please do not contact me. This is how I learned to Pray. It has helped me greatly.  It may help you.
It takes time to learn how to pray. In Luke 11:1 it says in the last half of the verse "Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples."
Praying is not natural process.  My flesh does not like to pray and would like to go through the rest of my life never praying again, because it is a spiritual act not natural act.

Being saved as an Adult, I had never learned to pray.  I had learn to take a prayer book and repeat or read the prayers in that book.  I found that was not what I was reading about in the Word of God when it came to prayer.

So I tried my best to learn to pray.  I read many books on prayer.  None of the books I read helped me with what I call the nuts and bolt of prayer.  I asked many of my friends and College professors how they prayed and if they would teach me to pray.  I learned that I know as much about prayer as they did—and it was not much. 

I heard a friend that I highly respected talk about his prayer life.  I knew he had written a book on the subject of prayer but I never saw and nuts and bolts of how he prayed. 

One day I was in his office talking and I stopped and said, “Brother Hyles I have read your book on Prayer and I have read John R. Rice’s Book on prayer and I found them lacking...” He looked at me and said “what was lacking?”  I replied, “You tell us in the book what I should pray about and how God answers those prayers, you never teach the nuts and bolts of prayer.  The what I do and how I do it.  He stood up walked over to his book shelf and pulled down his book “Exploring Prayer with Jack Hyles” He said ok let me show you.  He looked at the table of Contents and said “well it is in this chapter....well Chapter 19 ‘A Schedule for Daily Prayer Time’ let me show you...”  As he looked it over he commented that it had a lot of good information on the on prayer, but what I was asking for from him was not in the chapter.

Then in chapter 21 he said “Here it is... ‘The Model Prayer’” as he reviewed it he said it has a lot of what I was looking for but was not completely what I was looking for.

I said “Will you teach me? I really yearn to pray and spend time with my God, but as Jesus disciples had asked teach us to PRAY. I ask you to teach me.”

We scheduled time when we could have time together and Brother Hyles taught me what he did in his prayer life.  It helped me get off to a better start.  It caused me to organize my time with God.  The very thing he taught me is what I teach in these lessons. I am not sure I teach it as well has he did but the 30 years as of 2015 that have passed since he taught me in his office the nuts and bolts of prayed have changed my relationship with my heavenly father.

I hope these will be a blessing to you.  I have also place Dr. Jack Hyles book “Exploring Prayer with Jack Hyles” in this page.  It is a great help in prayer and I highly recommend chapter 21 it will be a blessing to you as it was to me. 
Dr. Douglas Marco

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Dr. Jack Hyles Book on Prayer